The Darkie Designs team recently had the pleasure of working with Silvia Picchi, owner and manager of Giraffe and Zebra Lodge, based in Wildlife Estate, Hoedspruit.

In need of a modern-day update, the knowledgeable Darkie Design project management team, lead by owner Bianca Black took to work. True to their promise to “help every client tell their own story through their home decor”, the team brought their beautiful, refined, African-inspired design and décor skills to life, while working hand-in-hand with the input of Silvia throughout the two projects.


zebra & giraffe

Here is what Silvia had to say about her experience working with Darkie Designs…

‘’Working with the Darkie Designs team was great, I really loved working side-by-side with Bianca and Jana, and they truly make a great team. I found them to be thoroughly helpful, readily available as and when needed, not-to-mention always prepared and ready to find the best possible solution when it came to costs and working within our budget.

dining room - interior design

Zebra & Giraffe lodge – dining room

Darkie Designs completely delivered on the vision of our lodge makeover, with the end product being better than I could have ever imagined. Despite the fact that the entire project ran a little over budget, this was not due to any fault of the Darkie Designs team, but rather because of unplanned structural issues and changing my mind during the project!

Overseeing two projects in one

Considering that we worked on two projects concurrently, both Giraffe and Zebra lodges, everything was delivered on-time and without delay. I was impressed with the level of experience held by the Darkie Designs team, and blown away by their style and level of taste.

I would highly recommend choosing Darkie Designs as a project management team. I found them to be exceptionally kind, great listeners, offering really sound advice which truly took into account my personal taste and budget.

My favourite part of the entire process is the fact that I was offered the opportunity to have my own say when it came to choosing the fabrics used throughout the project. I felt this made a world of difference. Overall it was a really positive experience, where minor issues were handled extremely well by the team!’’

If you’re looking for an affordable, professional and well-experienced project management and interior design team  for your home or lodge refurbishment and make over, you would do well to get in touch with the team at Darkie Designs!

Interior Design - lounge

Zebra & Giraffe lodge – Lounge

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