Is choosing a fancy new duvet cover the extent to which you have experimented with the art of interior decorating so far?

There’s always time to learn the basics around using unique décor elements in order to make your bedroom not only a space in which you feel comfortable and content, but also a space that communicates, at a glance, who you are as a person. One of the best ways to do this is to pay special attention to the area just beyond the end of your bed.

Here are some of our top décor ideas for really transforming this usually mundane aspect of your bedroom into something truly extraordinary.


Are you the type of person who cannot go to sleep without burying their nose in a book for a few minutes before you close your eyes? Then a small, antique-y bookcase is the perfect end-of-bed accessory to consider.

In order to achieve the right aesthetic, try to find a bookcase that is of a similar height to your bed itself.

A Coffee Table

A long, narrow coffee table or desk, stacked with magazines and a few other interesting trinkets can add a modern touch to the interior. Plus, if you need to work or study, it can be extremely functional as well!

This décor trick works best if the coffee table or desk is the same height as your bed. If your bed is relatively low, go the hippy route and sit cross-legged on a comfy cushion, as opposed to a boring old chair, whenever you need to get some work done.


Ottomans placed at the foot of the bed always look quirky yet elegant. If your bed is a queen or a king, why not double up and place two of them next to each other instead of just one?

Tip: Short on storage space? Find an ottoman (or have one made up to fit the width of your bed) with a hinge top that opens up to reveal ample storage space for extra blankets, cushions or even a winter duvet.


While you possibly wouldn’t have ever thought of placing a couch in your bedroom, let alone using it as a means for decorating the end of your bed, it can look surprisingly chic! Not only does it add an element of uniqueness to the space, but it also provides another seating option which is great for curling up on and reading a book or getting lost in your thoughts when you don’t feel quite ready to hit the hay (or the day).

An extra seating area in a bedroom is a warm and welcoming addition, often quite simply to keep the family off the bed. Think chaise longue, two armchairs and a table, a nest of lounging ottomans or even a simple bench with scatter cushions – the options are endless.

Use the end of your bed to add your own personal quirkiness to your bedroom. It’s a space that is often overlooked, yet one that can be so well used.

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