While the northern hemisphere typically celebrates an iconic ‘’white Christmas’’ each year, the southern hemisphere celebrates in a completely opposite climate! Instead of crackling fires, hot chocolate and snow men, we celebrate with poolside braais, cocktails and plenty of sunscreen!

The southern hemisphere rings in the holiday season with oodles of sunshine and to us, there’s no better way than to celebrate the holidays, cocktail in-hand!

With this in mind, you don’t need to go the traditional Christmas décor route each year. If it’s not a steadfast tradition, then why not mix it up with summer Christmas décor to bring a fun, summery feel to your home this festive season?

With just a few simple DIY tasks, you can create a summer Christmas look to your home or holiday house this season with these simple Christmas decorations


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Summer inspired Christmas décor

  • Sea Shell Sparkle

If you live near the ocean or have a holiday home by the sea, collect yourself a basket of pretty sea shells and DIY them! Create Christmas inspired sparkle by decorating them with an adhesive glue and pretty glitter colours.

Prefer a glimmer of gold and silver? Create a metallic shine and spray paint them a gold, silver or a champagne colour for a glamourous finish. Attach a thin, gold metal wire and hang from your tree, in place of a picture, or scatter over your Christmas table.

  • DIY Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a great way to spread Christmas cheer throughout your home, allowing for full creative license. For a summer inspired Christmas wreath, craft yours from items collected straight off the beach – driftwood, sea grass, sea shells and a few blue, light gold or silver baubles.

Alternatively, create a fun, tropical wreath with driftwood, palm leaves, hibiscus or any other bright flowers and a few cocktail umbrellas!

  • Light Things Up

Christmas time just wouldn’t be the same without the twinkling of lights – no matter the climate! Create a summer vibe, instead of a traditional one, and pack away your red and gold candles. Opt for natural-colour candles, place them in their vases and decorate with seaside inspired bits and bobs – shells, driftwood, sea sand and sea grass.

For a lovely, beachy Christmas table, source a few larger pieces of driftwood and scatter these across your table, interspersing with your beach-inspired candle décor.

Fill a couple of glass jars with strands of fairy lights which look great hung up around the room or on the dinner table. Cluster them together or individually for different effects.

  • Beachy Wrapping

Another fun and creative way to translate the feel of summer to your Christmas guests is through DIY, beach-inspired wrapping paper. Forgo the expensive rolls of wrapping paper and save a penny or two on using simple brown packaging paper, and decorate with white and silver ribbons, sea shells, natural twine and bits of sea grass.

  • Summer-Inspired Stockings

Mix things up with summer-inspired Christmas stockings to hang from a mantel piece or place under a Christmas tree. Simply DIY your Christmas stockings from pieces of hessian, decorate with a lace trim and small sea shells throughout for a fun, summer sun inspired look.

If tradition is not for you, then have fun this summer Christmas season with some of these simple DIY ideas – perfect for bringing both summer and seasonal cheer into any home!


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