Gone are the days of dreary beige and the seemingly endless array of off-white hues used as colour neutrals to decorate your home. While neutral colours are an essential part of your decorative flair around your home, the prevailing and future trend for 2019 is to inject a touch of colour into new neutrals.

While neutral colours should always strive to be pale and toned down, the core colours of new neutrals have moved away from a lacklustre beige to the likes of tea rose, lavender, mint, pale peach, lemony yellow and the tones of avocado.

There are those who will simply refer to these as pastel colours, but they are far from it. Instead, new neutrals are being dubbed ’restorative colours’ and are considered the perfect element in creating a soothing space that is both comforting and chic.

Also described as gently colourful shades, new neutrals create the perfect backdrop for layering and mixing with different textures in your rugs, blankets, cushions, baskets, curtains and even crockery.

Some of the most popular new neutral colours include:

Lavender-Lilac: this muted, softer tone of purple has become increasingly popular as a new neutral and is perfectly combined with stonewares such as marble and granite.

Tea rose and primrose pink: while you may have seen millennial pink everywhere in recent years, tea rose is a softer, lighter and brighter version of this colour. Combine perfectly with textures such as velvet, metallics such as gold and lush greenery.

Peachy orange: this colour is a throwback to the 70’s indeed, but is far more muted and without a hint of reminiscent tackiness! Peachy orange is the perfect mixture of both pink and orange and is a call to incorporate more earthy tones throughout a room. Combine this new neutral with bold, tropical prints, raw and rustic hardware, soft lighting and a luscious woollen carpet.

Lemon yellow: while some may be wary of painting an entire room yellow, this softer, brighter version is perfect for creating a genuinely calm, inviting space. Combine with light wood finishes in oak or dark mahogany for a beautiful contrast. Use stripes and geometric patterns in your cushions, blankets or curtains to bring in some character.

Avocado-celadon:  the dark emerald green trend has turned into a much lighter, softer hue, suggestive of the inside of an avocado –a soft, buttery and muted mint colour. This new neutral is perfectly combined with elements such as light wood and marble as well as dark metallics and touches of gold.

Sure, neutral colours are make or break for creating atmosphere in any particular room. Wall colour can serve to create a soothing salve or balmy backdrop for your bedroom, lounge or kitchen, but do you really need to be restricted by a minimalistic palette? Not anymore!

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