The fusion of two contrasting elements such as concrete and wood may seem unnatural together in a home environment – after all, one is a natural product of the earth and adds a warm, welcoming feel to a space, whereas concrete can be considered stark and cold. Yet the modern architect increasingly blends a combination of materials, with wood and concrete seemingly prevalent.

How would two inherently different elements be incorporated into the interior design of your home space without looking completely out of place?

Here are our top tips on incorporating both wood and concrete in your home:

Kitchen countertops

For a modern approach to your kitchen design, incorporating concrete and wood has never been more seamless than in your kitchen countertops or centre-island. To create the ultimate show piece of wood meets concrete, laying a thick wooden slab over concrete counters is bang on-trend and works well to create a modern and inviting kitchen. Wooden counter tops are versatile as well – bye-bye chopping boards!

Bathroom statement pieces

For a truly ‘zen’ feeling in your master or guest bathroom, combine wood textures in your vanity or under-sink cupboards with a statement piece sink or bath tub crafted from concrete. The combination of wood and concrete works to create a sleek and modern bathroom that is both practical and pleasing on the eye! Accessorise the rest of your bathroom with subtle wood finishes or fittings that tie it all together.

Looking at flooring and walls

This concept can basically be incorporated in any room, but works best in large-open plan rooms where a true statement can be carried off well. The combination of raw, concrete floors with wood panelled walls works wonders, while the reverse: raw, concrete looking walls and beautiful wooden flooring is an exceptionally sleek look for a main room such as a lounge area or large entrance hall.

Playing with accessories

The juxtaposition of opposing elements such as wood and concrete defines design and one of the best ways to incorporate this trend in your home, piece by piece, is with accessories and small furnishings. If you are wary of converting an entire room, start smaller with a certain corner of a room. Introduce a marble-top table to mimic concrete and some beautifully crafted wooden stools or chairs. Try wood panelling a set of cupboards and laying a concrete slab on top of those, or start even smaller by introducing wooden light fittings and ceramic or concrete looking accessories.

Introducing a new trend such as the integration of wood and concrete into the interior design of your home may seem daunting at first – but taking small steps to get there is the best way to do so. One of the best things to do is to start simply, building on your foundation from there!

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