If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to upgrade a particular room in your home, have you taken a look at your lighting fixtures?

Whether you’re just looking to makeover an area of your home or perhaps dressing up your home to sell, it may be time to re-look your fixtures and consider these lighting trends which are set to have lasting design power.

We are totally ‘lit’ by some of the latest lighting trends which have taken the interior design world by storm! Consider upgrading a room in your home with any of these:

1. The soft gold finish

With the recent boom in new neutrals and soft colours, such as lavender, peachy-orange, tea rose and mint, there has been a massive push towards the incorporation of soft metallics to match. This is where the most recent trend of the soft gold finish has taken centre stage in the world of lighting fixtures.

Think half-dome like fixtures suspended from the roof, tall standing lamps in soft gold, table lamps and even angular statement chandeliers crafted from a soft gold metal. Soft gold is exceptionally versatile and blends well with almost any home style, from minimalist and modern to a cosy farmhouse, the soft gold fixture is an utterly modern lighting addition.

Décor - light fixture

2. Refined retro

If you hadn’t already noticed, retro has made a comeback, but in a more refined manner. The retro/ industrial trend has always been about a rustic finish, neutral colours and the use of metal. In today’s design world, ‘upgraded industrial’ is a significant trend which has translated to lighting – also known as modern retro. This trend still features the signature metal, rustic style, yet lighting is being crafted with sleeker metals, varied tones and more creative designs. In other words, some of these retro fixtures look almost like works of art.

A fine example of a modern retro lighting fixture is the 1950’s inspired Sputnik Chandelier, but bring it into a modern sphere by choosing an aged brass or warm bronze metal.

3. Vintage bulbs

Also playing along the lines of the retro, industrial feel is the emergence of vintage-inspired bulbs used as lighting fixtures. You may have seen this trend strewn throughout restaurants and hipster-type coffee shops already, but it can easily be translated into your home in a more refined, long-lasting style

Opting for what is known as the Edison-inspired vintage lightbulb is the perfect fixture to modernise both kitchens and living areas. The rounded, cone-like shape of these bulbs are both homey, modern and right on-trend!

4. Alabaster wall mounts

These unique, wall-mounted light shades are fast making their mark in the interior design world due to the beautifully soft, muted light they produce and their simple yet unique designs.

An ode to the 60’s and 70’s inspired wall-mounted lights, these alabaster shades are a modernised upgrade with a soft metallic finishing. With a variety of individual designs to choose from it’s easy to fashion a distinctive twist on bedroom or bathroom lighting.

Lighting - basket lights5. Rattan inspired

Finally, the round/oval shaped lampshade has gone full circle and most certainly cemented itself as a lighting trend for 2018 – perfect for dining or outdoor entertainment areas. Most especially popular is the rattan or woven inspired lampshade, great for bringing in a relaxed and Indonesian inspired feel to your space.

Statement lighting, as the name implies, is the perfect opportunity to add a little flare, glamour or opulence to any kind of room. Long gone are the days where chandeliers are merely reserved for large entranceways, now even a guest bathroom can sport a modernised or antiquated version of the chandelier! But what’s most important when selecting a statement piece of lighting is longevity- can you imagine a particular fixture in one place for a few years to come?

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