Summer time fun is upon us, and with the warmer weather, the ultimate pest comes out to play – the dreaded mozzie.

As a South African or visitor to our beautiful country you will – no doubt, have experienced the nightmare of having to sleep with a mozzie buzzing around your head, as you swat indiscriminately into the night. This is where our Darkie Designs mozzie nets are a game changer! Ideal for mounting around any size bed, you’ll never have a sleepless summer night again.

If you aren’t a fan of dousing yourself in Peaceful Sleep or other toxic mosquito repellents, there are also a few natural ways to rid your home of this unwelcome pest.

Eco-friendly Mozzie Repellent

Citronella is the perfect anti-mosquito repellent for the summer time. Citronella candles and citronella oil are eco-friendly, non-toxic and highly effective at keeping mozzies at bay.

If you love to entertain outdoors, grab yourself some citronella candles from most home décor stores or hardware shops and place a few along your outdoor table. You can also use citronella oil placed in outdoor torches and lanterns to keep these pests away!

Natural Scent Repellent

Nature is truly incredible, offering solutions to many of our mankind dilemmas! Scented plants such as lavender, basil and rosemary are highly effective as a natural plant repellent for mozzies. Just as a number of other colourful scented plants are.

Visit a garden centre and ask about the best types of bright and colourful plants to use to keep the mozzies away. Arrange your outdoor area with the pot plants as close to your seating areas as possible.

Better yet, crush fresh picked leaves from these plants and place in a small muslin bag to be hung on the back of each chair for a more close-up remedy.

Easy Breezy Bug Repellent

We mean ‘breezy’ in the literal sense of the word – mozzies and other insects will find it difficult to cramp your style when the draft is too strong! Consider installing a ceiling fan in lounge areas for the summer time or use a standing fan on full rotate to create a breeze in order to keep pests away.

Eliminate Breeding Grounds

A haven for mosquitos to breed? Any form of standing water! Do a recce of your garden and check for containers which could potentially collect rain water. These nooks and crannies quickly become a breeding ground for unwelcome pests.

Water features and ponds are also a hot spot for breeding – so make sure yours are installed with a pump in order to keep water flowing and prevent mozzies from laying their larvae.

If you’re looking for a good night’s rest this summer, our mozzie nets at Darkie Designs are back in-stock and make both an elegant and functional addition to your bedroom. Get in touch with us and place your order today.

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