The shabby chic trend is one that is truly versatile. The beauty of incorporating shabby chic into your home is the freedom to update, mix and match and change things up as and when you please.

With an eclectic mix of retro, antique, vintage vibes and modern statement pieces, the shabby chic trend is timeless. It’s the best ever excuse to bring a fresh feel to your home, any time of the year.

If you haven’t quite nailed the art of shabby chic in your home, here are some of our top 5 ideas to consider…

Mix Things Up

If there was one defining characteristic of the shabby chic trend, it would be the freedom to mix and match colours, textures, materials and styles. Essentially, shabby chic is defined by combining an eclectic mix of things into one room.

A great way to combine different forms of colour and texture is with wood. Things like wooden furniture, wooden picture frames and even décor pieces which can also be easily DIY-ed and updated when you feel like it are a great base for building a shabby chic foundation into your home. Keep it interesting by combining a neutral base colour in your furniture (white is always popular) with pops and splashes of colour and texture in your curtains, cushions and with other types of wood furniture.

Think Vintage

This trend just wouldn’t be the same without a hint of vintage throughout your décor. Shabby chic is perfectly pulled together with elements of vintage including faded wooden signage, vintage crockery pieces, a few rustic chairs, wicker baskets, a mis-match of vases and pots – the list goes on.

A great idea is to visit a vintage store or even a local garage sale for items that you can then re-purpose to add to the shabby chic feel of your home. Another effective way of bringing in a vintage feel is incorporating soft, pastel colours through cushions, curtains, wall colour and carpets.

It’s All About the Nooks & Crannies

A shabby chic kitchen or dining area wouldn’t be complete without a signature nook area. Ideally, this nook would fit right under a large window, where you can decorate with floral-printed cushions, hanging pot plants, fairy lights, an ornate mirror or even a quirky cha

ndelier as a source of light in this area.

Take it to the Bedroom

One of the best ways to add a shabby chic feel to a main room or guest bedroom is by adding a large, statement headboard. Now, this really doesn’t need to put you out-of-pocket, it can simply be done with a little DIY handiwork! Here you can get creative and re-purpose a pair of old doors, some old crates or even an old wooden fence! Just ensure the wood is adequately re-surfaced with a treatment and paint before bringing it indoors – you don’t want to be explaining splinters in your head to friends and family!

Statement Chandeliers

Wondering where the ‘chic’ element of this trend comes in? Well, chandeliers are a great way to tie together a shabby chic look while adding a touch of glamour to any room. A beautifully ornate chandelier also helps to bring your room into a more modern sphere, without things looking stark or barren. Add a delicately decorated crystal or glass chandelier to a main bedroom, in your lounge, over a kitchen island or even in a bathroom for an elegant twist.

If you’re a lover of DIY, crafts and all things vintage, shabby chic is the ideal décor theme to add to any room in your home. Visit us in-store at Darkie Designs for an incredible selection of eclectic, quirky and unique décor pieces to tie your shabby chic look together.

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