Is your open plan home feeling a little too, well, open? Add some structure, texture and dimension with the help of strategic layering and contrasts. Here’s how it’s done!


Chuck those boring old curtains or blinds out of the window and go for something more daring this time around! We can highly recommend experimenting with panels.

Place these stylish window treatments at differing heights and depths for a fashionable structural effect. Research has shown that panels last longer than most other window solutions on the market today so know that you’ll also be getting a much better bang for your buck when you use panels as window décor!


The problem with open plan living is that everything can start looking slightly one dimensional. The secret to avoiding this, and making individual areas a bit more interesting, is to add elements of extra height wherever you can. A large, tall lamp with a modern design, for example, can break the sense of monotony while also adding to the style, look and feel of the interior of your home. It is also the perfect opportunity to throw in a cheeky pop of colour.


Just because you live in an open plan house doesn’t mean that you can’t strategically section out different rooms within the space. If you’re the creative type, anything is possible! How about crafting your own make-shift screen out of wooden slats? You’ll be amazed at how big of a difference this subtle addition can make to your interior!


Contrast is the key to creating texture in an open plan home, so create it whenever and however you can!

While focusing on colour in terms of ensuring a good mix of both neutrals and bolder hues within each portion of the interior is a great place to start, you can also apply the art of contrast to your furniture. For instance, a plush couch with soft curves can look incredible when paired with wooden, angular chairs in the living area.

Use patterned or vibrantly coloured rugs to draw attention from one area to another. The change in pattern or colour can clearly define an area – this is our dining space but here is our  living room.

Go Green

Effortlessly breathe life into your home by placing a few unique house plants throughout the space. Green plants look best when placed within a colourful area, whereas flowering plants can brighten up an open plan home that relies mostly on neutral tones.

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