At Darkie Designs we place great value on supporting the locals and their wonderful artistic talents which we are proud to display in our store.

We take great pride in selling home décor pieces and accessories which are not only inspired by the African landscape and culture, but created by those that live it, day in and day out. We believe that in supporting local talent we are opening our doors to the creative abilities of those who might otherwise go unnoticed in our neighbourhood.

As such, our team at Darkie Designs aspires to engage with our local community on a regular basis, inspiring them to create beautifully ornate, one-of-a-kind décor accessories and pieces. Through our engagement with local artists we aim to empower less fortunate communities, while offering a true piece of African culture represented in the many items sold in our store.

One such local artisan who Darkie Designs is incredibly proud of is our African art carver, Ray. A Nelspruit township dweller, the Darkie Designs team met Ray when he lived in just a shack – we are proud to say that through our ongoing support of his incredible talent, he has recently put down a deposit on his first home! Ray’s intricate and refined fish, giraffe and other carvings have become highly popular with our foreign clientele, while his talent has truly developed each year.

We are also proud to champion local NGO programmes, including an project based in Mozambique which supplies our store with beadwork. This NGO project is a drug addiction rehabilitation programme which we have proudly supported over the years, buying and selling their many gorgeous beadwork pieces.

Our Darkie Designs store also hosts its very own sewing room where we encourage and empower our staff to grow their skill set by bringing their creative ideas to life through sewing. Our eager sewers have been busy with a large demand for our range of scatter cushions, while upholstery work and repairs has also become highly popular in the sewing room.

Our many upholstery projects are supported by one of the largest sample library book ranges in the region, with over 100 sample books of upholstery for our clientele to choose from. We are so proud of all our sewing hands who have grown into fine crafters!

Our team vision at Darkie Designs is based on empowerment – we take to heart the talents of those who live in our community and pride ourselves on offering a good range of locally made products, affording equal opportunity wherever possible! Visit us today and take home a little piece of Africa.

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