The property market can be tough – it’s competitive, fickle and can leave homeowners feeling completely clueless as to why their home is just not selling.

If you’re looking to attract more people to your show days, up the overall appeal of your home and sell your home faster, have you considered home staging? The ultimate goal of home staging is to ‘dress your home up’ to sell, essentially enhancing the perceived value of your home and its appeal of marketability.

Research has proven that home staging helps sell homes almost 50% faster, and at a value of 8-10% more than homes which are not staged for sale.

Keen to learn a few tricks on how to dress up your home for sale? We outline 6 simple steps below…

  1. Declutter living spaces
    When someone views your home they are essentially viewing it as their own, envisioning their family and their valuables in the space you are showing. Decluttering your home is vital to presenting a space which allows them to do just that. Ensure you declutter the main living areas of your home, including main bedrooms, living rooms, the kitchen and entranceways.Try and remove personal items, such as family photographs, but remember to still keep things homely and inviting.
  2. Fix up the small things
    Along with a deep spring clean, it’s absolutely vital that small problems are fixed before allowing potential buyers to view your home. Things like chipped paint on cupboards and railings, wall scuffs, holes in the wall, replacing light bulbs, mending or replacing tiles can go a long way to increasing your home’s appeal.
  3. Give your kitchen a little TLC
    Your kitchen is one of the most important and valuable rooms in your home and can be an absolute deal breaker for a potential home buyer. Take some time to revamp your kitchen before putting it on the market. Where possible, replace cupboard doors, repaint, replace countertops and update the décor and kitchen fixtures. If this is not in your budget, declutter your kitchen, pack away bulky appliances and keep things clean, neat and fresh.
  4. Decorate your table tops
    If your home has a large dining room or outdoor entertainment area, it’s important to create the idea that these rooms are functional and can be used. On show days, take some time to make these spaces inviting by decorating table tops with flowers and perhaps a ‘mock’ brunch spread. Remember to keep it natural and avoid being too staged.
  5. It’s all about lighting
    Walking into a dark, dingy home is about as off-putting as cold coffee – make sure your home is bright, airy and allows for natural light to flow into each room. Brightening up your home with enough light is a fantastic way to boost its appeal. Also remember to ensure your windows are cleaned, light bulbs are replaced where necessary and make use of wall mirrors where possible to bounce light throughout the room.
  6. Tend to your garden
    Finally, your garden or pool area is probably one of the greatest selling points of your home. Nine times out of 10, this is the reason many potential buyers are interested in your property. This is why making an extra effort to spruce up your outdoor area is so important. Prune bushes, cut back overhanging trees, mow the grass, repair broken or torn awnings and repaint outdoor walls if needed.

These simple steps could go a long way to moving a home that just won’t budge. If you’re looking for expert design and décor advice, or simply need to stage your home to sell, our Darkie Designs consultants are here to help! Get in touch.

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