Have you ever fallen in love with a rug, brought it home, laid it out in your chosen room and thought – how can I possibly walk all over something that pretty? It happens to the best of us, and the conundrum remains, how do you decorate with rugs that are just too beautiful to be used as a floor covering?

The good news is that there’s a growing trend in moving rugs from the floor to a focal point in your home as a wall hanging. You may have seen this up-and-coming trend take shape in some of the trendiest homes around, so if you’ve recently bought a rug and want to preserve its beauty, here’s how to incorporate the trend into your home…

Warm up your bedroom

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One of the most popular ways to preserve the beauty of a gorgeous, hand-made rug is by turning it into a headboard for your master bedroom. Hanging a rug behind your bed is an excellent way to fill up an otherwise bare wall which can make a bedroom feel stark and unfinished. A rug wall hanging can help to tie the décor in your room together, making it feel warm and cosy, while creating an eye-catching focal point which really sings. Some of the most on-trend rug headboards include square or rectangular rugs which complement the shape of the bed. Go for a bright, bold print, a Persian vintage feel or even beautifully hand-crafted macramé or crochet.

Fill up extra height walls

Many modern homes built over the last decade feature extra height walls in common areas such as entrance ways, a living room or even a dining area. Despite the fact these are some of the most busy, commonly-used areas of your home, they can also look the most empty due to the size of these walls.

Rugs by Hertex Haus

If you’ve bought a beautiful rug to fill up this space for that very reason, but cannot bare to see it tread on, day in and day out, move it to the wall as a focal point! Opt for a rug with a large, bold print which works to fill up a bare white or cream wall. Make sure your rug ties in with the accent colours of your room to create a perfectly harmonised, warm and welcoming feel.

Replace traditional wall art

Gone are the days when canvas oil paintings were the only form of art to hang on the walls in your home. We’ve come a long way over the past few decades, and now even rugs have become a form of wall art! However, it’s important to make sure the wall you’re looking to decorate can handle the size of the rug you’ve purchased. Using a wall that’s too small or a rug that’s too big can completely overwhelm the room you’re decorating.

Rugs are a great way to create a softer feel to a room, so ditch the old-school wall art and get your rug framed and mounted. If you’re wary of moving a floor rug to the wall, start with a relatively small sized rug and see how you like it. Many vintage or hand-woven rugs are works of art in their own right, so who’s to say your rug doesn’t work as wall art? An added advantage is that the texture and detail of a rug can often be seen better when displayed vertically or horizontally on a wall, especially with good down lighting.

While a rug’s main use remains as a decorative floor covering, there are no hard and fast rules to say it they can’t be used on the walls of your home as decoration. For a unique way to add warmth, texture and a visual focal point to any room, get your rug off the floor!

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