You may or may not have noticed – but accent chairs are a big thing in interior décor these days! If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to incorporate a little flare, pizazz, character or quirkiness to your room in an instant, an accent chair is a great option.

Why accent chairs? Because they are low-maintenance, they take up minimal space in a room, yet still make their mark, they are practical, serve a purpose and don’t break the bank!
Whether you’re looking for pure practicality or a bold piece that will be a conversation stopper (or starter), here are 5 accent chairs you should consider adding to your home…

1. Velvet & Wood

Velvet is back, and in a good way! It doesn’t have to be frumpy – channel a little 50’s glamour with a dusty-pink crushed velvet seat, set atop light-wash wooden legs. This type of feminine accent chair is ideal for a main bedroom or make-up table, with hints of dusty pink or rose echoed throughout the rest of the décor. It could sit just as comfortably in a large retro styled bathroom.

2. The Swan Chair

This is a beautiful unisex bedroom or nursery accent chair. With its comfortable bucket seat, back support and accompanying foot rest, the swan chair is a swaddle for adults! Typically framed in metal and covered by a fabric colour of your choosing, this accent chair is built for relaxation and comfort, and would fit perfectly into an empty corner of a main bedroom or child’s nursery.

3. Faux Leather & Wood

The timeless combination of leather and wood is forever modern and luxurious. An accent chair crafted from an oak-wash wood and upholstered tan leather seats is the ideal addition to a more formal room, such as a home study or formal lounge area. This accent chair is also neutral enough to combine an assortment of colours and textures throughout the room décor, without overwhelming the space, but still making a stylish statement.

4. Gold & Faux Fur

One of the most on-trend home décor pieces to add to any room right now is the faux fur accent chair, crafted from either a gold or rose gold metal base, topped with a fluffy faux fur seat in white or cream. This is the ultimate accent chair to make a statement in various rooms throughout your home. Whether it’s your lounge, a bedroom make-up chair or a home office chair, gold and faux fur is anything but tacky!

5. All About Floral

If you’re looking for a simple way to add a bright pop of colour to a room, a floral upholstered accent chair is your answer. Turn an old and tired arm chair into a beautiful, unique and fun statement piece, the ideal accent chair for a lounge, dining room or even an outdoor seating area.

If you’ve recently inherited an eye-sore piece of furniture from a family member or just don’t know what to do with a tired and withered-looking chair, re-upholstery is a life-saver. Our team at Darkie Designs specialises in the re-upholstery of furniture – get in touch with us to bring your accent chair back to life!

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