Creating a home office space goes a little deeper that simply throwing together some random pieces of furniture lying about your house – here are some of our top tips on creating a comfortable office environment where you can get the job done:

Choosing your location

This is incredibly important in terms of how it will affect your productivity and motivation. Things to consider include the amount of traffic flow past or through your office space, lighting, possible distractions from outdoor traffic – you will need to understand how you work best.

If you run a business that involves meeting with clients, consider a private space where both you and the client will feel comfortable.

It’s all about the view

When choosing your location, you don’t have to be limited to facing a blank wall or squeezing yourself into a tight corner of your home. Designate an area that is inspiring, perhaps with a view overlooking your garden or pool area.

If you’re really strapped for space, position your desk to face the door and decorate with a pretty picture or mirror to create the illusion of added space.

Turn function into beauty

Yes, your office space needs to be practical, but don’t sacrifice aesthetics over functionality in the process. You work from home after all, make your office your own.

When it comes to your workflow, consider the practical things you will need the most and try to integrate them into the rest your home decor.

If you have more of a traditional feel for décor, use warm wooden furniture, shelving, drawers and a comfortable office chair in your home office space. If your home is more contemporary, opt for a chic glass desk top, modern metal furniture with pops of colour in your office accessories.

  • Let there be light & colour

When it comes to the colour of your office – forget about stark white walls and garish fluorescent lighting! Paint the walls a warm or cool colour that you love and don’t skimp on good lighting. A good source of light in your office will save your eyes and plenty of headaches.

  • Have fun with accessories

A home office is your own space, so do with it what you will! Choose fun and interesting accessories to add a personal touch to the space, creating an inviting and inspiring atmosphere. Things like bright, colourful prints on an office chair, quirky picture frames and stationary holders, interesting light fittings and inspirational prints on your walls can truly help to make your home office a motivational space to work in.

No matter your reason for incorporating an office space into your home – whether it’s for home admin tasks, the occasional ‘sick’ day out of the office where you need to work from home or even running your own business – this space needs to be two things in order to fulfil its purpose: practical and inviting.

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