Whether you are superstitious or not, there are many people who do believe that certain ways of decorating will bring a little extra luck into their lives. They believe that in positioning, grouping and even colour co-ordinating their décor items they will create a positive flow of energy through their homes –and who doesn’t need a little extra positivity in their lives, right?

Whether you have faith in embellishing your own luck – or not, here are a few simple tricks to add a positive feel to the flow of your home, while updating some of your décor at the same time!

Positive energy in the art of colour

According to Feng Shui teachings, the north facing door of your home, generally your front door, should be painted blue or black in order to bring in good tiding and good energy. A blue front door is a great way to add a bit of character to the entrance of your home, while a black front door says chic, modern and sophisticated!

Flower power

The superstition goes that placing flowers in a crystal vase on a windowsill or two will bring money and good fortune into your home. The added bonus of this is that flowers are always a wonderful way to add colour and texture to any room, brightening up the feel of your home and creating a more positive energy overall!

Furniture placement

According to superstition as well as Feng Shui principles, the placement of your furniture in each room is paramount to bringing good energy into your home, while good energy, will in turn, bring good fortune!

Place living room furniture in a circular form for a great energy flow. Your bedroom furniture should be arranged so that your back faces the door when you are about to turn in for the day! If all else fails, this is at least a great way to play with different room layouts and see what works best for the flow of your home!


This really is a no-brainer as what could be more cathartic than getting rid of unwanted clutter that could ultimately be adding to the negative feel of a room?

Removing items from your home or a particular room that no longer serve a purpose will bring a clean, open and positive energy back into your home. Equally, the more space there is available for positive energy to flow through your home, the more luck you will attract.

Running water

Other than adding a soothing feel to your home, running water is said to help with positive energy flow – thus attracting more luck into your home. Outdoor water features near the front entrance of your home are a great way to add a comforting and welcoming energy, attracting good vibes only!

Mirror, mirror

One of the best ways to open up a space or jazz up a room is simply by adding a large, statement mirror. Not only will this help to add some interest to your room but mirrors are also said to bring luck. Just make sure to place your mirrors a minimum of 1.5 metres above the ground to maintain energy in a positive direction!

A few of the lesser known home superstitions

Your home will have a specific energy regardless of whether you follow the teachings of Chi, Feng Shui or some other form of quantum vibration. Like anything else though, with a little research it’s easy to raise the energy of your home to create a more welcoming and positive space; but according to some, you can just as easily open the door to bad luck. We leave you with a few ‘what not to do in your home’ superstitions!

  • Don’t move an old broom into a new house, you’ll bring all your former bad luck with you. Origin: United States
  • Scatter coins around the living room of a new home to invite financial prosperity. Origin: Philippines
  • Leaving your bedroom windows open on November 1st can bring bad luck, as the souls of the dead roam free that day. Origin: Spain
  • Don’t sweep your home at night as you’ll brush away good fortune. Origin: West Africa
  • If black ants frequent your home, you’ll come into wealth. Origin: Philippines
  • Properties that sit on curved roads or face a ‘T’ intersection will invite bad fortune. Origin: China
  • Putting shoes on a table in your home will bring bad luck! Origin: United States, United Kingdom.

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