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Many may agree that there’s a fine line between bringing too much and just the right amount of safari style decor to one’s home. A little too much leopard print boarders on the wild and ‘tacky’ side, while pops of African-inspired prints can really bring in the old-world, colonial charm you’re aiming for.

Striking the right balance between earthy tones, bright colours, patterns, prints and furniture style and their different materials can elevate your home to the safari-inspired standards you’re looking for.

But, where to begin?

1. Choosing your colour palette

If you’ve spent time in the African bush, this is where to draw inspiration from in terms of your colour palette. Earthy tones inspired by nature are your best place to start and a fitting base to build upon with safari-inspired décor.

Opt for solid, neutral colours such as ivory, raffia or tawny browns for your walls and large items of furniture. To bring in bursts of colour, go for shades of green such as khaki, burnt orange, rust and umber to mirror the characteristics of the African savannah. Choose an accent wall or key items of furniture to bring these colours to your room.

2. Incorporating prints and designs

This is where a room can easily become overwhelmed when it comes to emulating an African-inspired style. In this instance, ‘less is more’ always applies when it comes to incorporating prints and designs throughout your home. Showing a little restraint with regards to using bold prints such as leopard print, zebra print or crocodile skin prints is paramount in ensuring your room doesn’t cross the boarders of vulgarity.

African-inspired prints have come a long way in today’s world of design. Home owners are spoilt for choice with bright and colourful floral, leaf, insect, bird and locally designed patterns. Incorporate these beautiful mix and match patterns across your throw cushions, throw blankets, carpets, rugs, curtains or a statement accent chair.

3. Adding African-inspired art and furniture

This is where your creativity can make a true appearance with the addition of quirky, funky, locally-made trinkets and items of furniture throughout your home. Beautiful wall-mounts of African animals, masks or pieces inspired by nature are a great way to tie your safari-inspired room together.

Opt for colour and traditional safari materials in items of furniture i.e. wicker, straw, canvas and natural woods. Geometric and tribal designs are ideal for adding a visual spin on your décor, these may be in the form of canvas paintings or hanging wall art. Don’t forget about pops of natural greenery – large banana leaf, hanging aloes, palm leaves and fig tree leaves make for a beautiful, natural feel to your overall African-inspired theme.

Adding a safari style spin to your home décor is not as difficult or as complicated as it may seem. It’s just important to remember the basics: neutral background colours complemented with pure bursts of colour, pattern and texture, finished with unique African trinkets and natural greenery. If you can incorporate these basics, you’re well on your way to mastering safari style décor.

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