Like all good stories, ours begins in Darkest Africa, in a busy little town named Hoedspruit on the edge of the Kruger National Park.

Surrounded by the African bush, wild animals, and as hot as Hades itself, in 2012 a little curio shop came into being. We sourced unusual gifts from across Africa and beyond. We loved stories, and quickly realized that there were incredible heart-warming projects across our amazing continent whose inspiring, uplifting stories we wanted to share…

These stories live in the human-made objects we purchase and surround ourselves with in our happy homes. They are part of what makes decor so special because they embody memories of the place you bought it, the people who made it and why they made it.

Our little shop, has grown in 4 years to a large warehouse space. This  not your normal decor shop, but rather a place dedicated to wrapping up your memories of Africa into largely unusual, occasionally unique, fun, freaky and sometimes bizarre objects.  With music playing and a bowl of Chappies chewing gum to stimulate the taste buds while you explore everything from bags  to fabrics and African artifacts, it’s a sensory experience dedicated to making your home a reflection of who you are. 

As we grew and our name reached far flung countries, and  people asked us to help style and source for their bush homes,so our project management arm was born and we now offer the following services:

Project management

Curtains , blinds & softs like cushions

Reupholster of furniture

Sourcing of décor

Bed linen in 100% cotton

Mosquito nets 

Your home is your story – we are here to help you tell it.